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This kid is passionate about his hockey! God bless him!


Doing a survey about sexual harassment in comics. Please respond, share, etc. as much as you can and I will owe you one for life.


High Fidelity Bed Canopy

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When I have a lot of money, I want this.

We all love someone way too $%*@ much.
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When celebrating goes wrong…

When celebrating goes wrong…

What is the most often given writing advice to you and what advice to writers do you most give to others?


To keep writing and to not give up. 

"Just keep writing! Just keep writing!" 

"Never give up! Never surrender!"

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Send me an NHL Team!
Anaheim Ducks: Are you good at ice skating?
Arizona Coyotes: Which arenas have you been to to see a hockey game?
Boston Bruins: Pick five hockey players you'd want to hang out with for a day (they can all be either from the same team or different teams).
Buffalo Sabres: Do you have a crush on any players? If so, who and describe why.
Calgary Flames: Tell us why you hate the player you despise the most.
Carolina Hurricanes: Top five favourite goalies?
Chicago Blackhawks: When trades occur, what do you do to try to keep your mind off of it?
Colorado Avalanche: Who was the first player you've met? Describe what happened at that moment.
Columbus Blue Jackets: Have you ever been accused of being a puck bunny?
Dallas Stars: Would you go to great lengths in order to have a "chance encounter" with your favourite player?
Detroit Red Wings: Name three of your favourite Swedish players.
Edmonton Oilers: Describe your all-time favourite moment that happened to your team.
Florida Panthers: Have you ever broken anything or thrown a tantrum because your team lost?
LA Kings: Who did you pull for in the 2014 Olympics?
Minnesota Wild: Name three of your favourite American players.
Montreal Canadiens: Who is your all-time favourite rookie/prospect?
Nashville Predators: Are you a supporter of women's hockey?
New Jersey Devils: Name three of your favourite Finnish players.
New York Islanders: How long have you been a fan of hockey?
New York Rangers: Is there a specific player that made you fall in love with hockey (retired or not)? If yes, explain how he did so.
Ottawa Senators: Who would you say is the most handsome player in the entire NHL?
Philadelphia Flyers: Name three of your favourite Russian players.
Pittsburgh Penguins: How do you usually make time go by during the off-season?
San Jose Sharks: Do you watch the World Juniors Championships?
St. Louis Blues: Who is your favourite hockey legend? Explain why.
Tampa Bay Lightning: How many jerseys/shirseys do you own?
Toronto Maple Leafs: Name three of your favourite Canadian players.
Vancouver Canucks: What do you do if your team is losing by a lot after the first period?
Washington Capitals: Have you attended any NHL All-Star games?
Winnipeg Jets: What was the lockout like for you?
Here is a photo shared from Hillary&#8217;s twitter account.

Here is a photo shared from Hillary’s twitter account.